E.A. Brady’s is a whole animal butcher shop, sourcing all of our meat products locally, giving preference to small Michigan-based farms.

All of our meat is natural, free of antibiotics and hormones, fed with the highest quality feed, and humanely raised. Simply put, we strive to provide you with meat the way that it was meant to be. Below are the products we are proud to offer you and a brief description of where they were sourced from.



Ada Beef

Ada Beef is a local, family-owned farm in the heart of West Michigan. Ada Beef product is 100% hormone and antibiotic-free with no additives and no preservatives. Nothing artificial. Their approach to grass-fed beef is quite simple: let cows be cows. Don’t confine them to small spaces. Instead, give cows the freedom to live off the land and roam the pastures, grazing on a balanced diet of a variety of seasonal plants and minerals. Ada Beef also focuses on reducing their carbon footprint through sustainable farming practices.


Michigan Pork

Michigan Pork has more than 30 years of experience raising meat hogs. The company offers only the highest quality pigs: purebred Berkshires, from their farm in Allegan, Michigan. Berkshires are widely known as the best tasting pig on the market and are raised outside.


Locally sourced, hormone and antibiotic-free.


Miller Organic

Miller Organic raises chickens in southern Michigan and northern Indiana.